How many more of our brothers and sisters must be senselessly slaughtered before WE all wake up?

From Baghdad to Florida, Nice to Mogadishu, human beings are being slaughtered by human beings. And every actor in these atrocities absolutely believes that they are justified in their actions, as the division amongst ethnicities, religions, sexes and every other facet of human construct continue to widen by the day. And all of US change our profile pictures in support and lament the atrocities around the office cooler, yet before long we go right back to “normal” life believing that there is nothing we can do to change these horrible things happening in the world around us.

The truth is only WE can change this.


By stopping the judgements and opinions that continue to fuel division in our world. Every time we participate in or allow racism, sexism or any other thought, word or action of division or separation that perpetuates this, we are complicit in these atrocities.

Every time we judge our brothers and sisters based on their sexual preferences, we perpetuate this. Every time we allow discrimination based on the colour of our skins, we perpetuate this. And so on and so forth.

So light a candle and say a prayer for those that are suffering at the hands of these atrocities in this moment, but if you want to actively participate in changing anything in this world, look in the mirror! Decide today to bring awareness to your thoughts, words and actions, and STOP perpetuating the behaviours that eventually boil over into these atrocities.

No government or external authority can do this for us, only WE can do this for ourselves. And if each one of us begins to do just a little bit of this, we will all begin to recognise that we are all ONE and there is no separation between us, just differences in preference.

And that is a beautiful thing to be celebrated, cos the world would be so boring if we all liked the same flavour of ice cream, the same clothes, and the same sexual partners!

Love and blessings to my whole human family wherever you may be in this moment.