Prince Hanuman once said:

If you are still attached to your religion, your colour or the country you were born in, then you still don’t know who and what you truly are. 

So clear so powerful, yet what does this actually mean in practice?

In a previous post, I discussed the dangers inherent in feeding the negative ego, which inherently seeks to separate – separate us from ourselves (Divine Heritage) and separate us from each other. It does this so that it can maintain control in our lives, by creating neat little boxes of “differences” (i.e. race, gender, sexual orientation) that we identify ourselves against. It then perceives these boxes as separate from one another. And once we identify with a particular box of “separateness”, then we begin to justify why our box is better than “the other” box. And then we find a group of separate human beings who share enough similar boxes to warrant a banding together, and this act further concretises and validates this as reality.

 This pattern repeats itself ad nauseam, and becomes the mechanism for individual and societal programming. Relentlessly; ceaselessly this programming must perpetuate to try and satisfy the negative ego’s insatiable appetite, and without even a whiff of conscious awareness, we find ourselves staring down the barrel of “the other’s” gun, and they ours. Utter madness! Yet these programs are so powerful that I absolutely believe that I am right and your diametrically opposed view, is absolutely wrong. And vice versa.

 I see this scenario happening over and over in our world today, and the pandemic has only exacerbated extremism and polarisation. We must guard against this at all costs, for it will eventually lead to where it always has: WAR. The war outside ends when the war inside does. It is my hope for 2021 that we may find out who and what we truly are so as to create peace and unity on this Earth.