It is time to shift our perspective.

In recent years, I have invested much time and energy in truly seeking the answers to some fundamental questions in my life.

Who am I, where did I come from, what is the purpose of my life etc. are things I have deeply contemplated, and the journey to knowing thyself is the grandest journey upon which we could ever embark. And as I progressed on this path, it became very apparent that all of the answers I seek are already inside of me.

But like a child that is learning to read for the first time, I too realised that I needed someone to show me how to access this inherent capability, to show me “how to read” as it were. And for this I am eternally grateful to the incredible teachers that I have in my life.

But one of the most profound outcomes that I have had through this experience, is a complete shift in perspective. Much like the parable of the blind men and the elephant, most of us spend our time fumbling around in the dark, grabbing hold of small portions of “reality”, and then turning them into beliefs and opinions that we fight with all of our might to defend.

These beliefs and opinions begin to shape our identity, and when we find other people that share similar ones, we band together at the expense of all others. And this vicious cycle plays itself out over and over, and gives rise to the divisions that serve only those that profit from “us vs them” ideologies. In fact, we see this scenario playing itself out right now, as race, sex, religion, sexual preference and any other means of differentiating one from another, is used to fuel political and corporate agendas.

And so long as we continue to hold onto the elephant’s tail believing it is the full extent of the animal, then we will never break these cycles that enslave us all.

So how do we shift our perspective? Well it seems to me that all ideas of separation come from the mind (remember those beliefs and opinions?) and conversely, that deep sense of connectedness that we feel when we experience JOY, comes only from our hearts.

So by shifting to a way of being whereby we live heart-centred lives, as opposed to a mind-controlled one, we immediately shift our perspective away from all ideas of separation. And this way of being has no place for the nonsense that gets spewed at us by the media or political spin doctors, as it sees it for what it is.

But living heart-centred lives means we have to go and live in rainbow coloured teepees and eat only the leaves and berries that the animals wouldn’t, right? Bullshit!!! Living from our hearts means bringing down the All of Everything of Who We Are, and fully expressing that in every aspect of our physical lives. It means living as Divine Beings – as Gods – as Kings and Queens – fully expressed in everything that we do. It means that every Thought, Word and Action is in alignment with the former, and that all are in accordance with our Divine heritage.

It also means standing up and saying NO to any person, party or corporation that would seek to desecrate the sanctity of our divinity, by treating any human being as less than the divinity that they are. It also means that each and everyone of us has to start breaking down the belief systems that have allowed us to perpetuate these behaviours for far too long. And if you desire to do this whilst living in a rainbow coloured teepee, then that is awesome too!

And the key? Do the work – do the work – DO.THE.WORK. You want big muscles, go to the gym. You want a $ 1 million, make your product or service worth $ 1 million. You want to get rid of politicians and their nonsense politicking, then don’t stop working until you create a better system that serves all of us instead of just them and their cronies.

My perspective shift has enabled me to see that I wasn’t doing any of this, and boy do I have a lot of work to do.

But at least I now know where to begin, and this fills me with a sense of great excitement and joy, cos anything and everything is possible from the Heart.