This is a question that has been asked for millennia by humans (i.e. What is a God/Goddess?), and in truth I believe we are still in the process of fully discovering this. It is no secret that we have long lived in patriarchal societies on this planet, and thankfully we are now living in an age where women are beginning to find their voice and their power. This means that we are the generation(s) that are defining and creating a new way of being (although not much has changed in many societies/countries), and hence we are tasked with re-defining gender roles and how men and women interact with one another.

This too has given rise to the “I am Goddess” movement, and we are constantly bombarded by images and content on social media, urging women to step into their inner Goddess, to not be controlled by men, to say no to stereotypical gender roles, and to break free from sexual bondage (as a tool for male pleasure only), to name a few. And whilst I agree with the principle behind these movements (as they are well-intentioned), it is my desire in creating “The Goddess Package”, to clear up many of the distortions that have crept into our understanding of what a Goddess is.

As I have stated previously, I have been very blessed to have many amazing teachers that have helped me to better understand and define what a Goddess is. In my experience, we first need to completely shift our perspective of Who We Are, in order to understand what a Goddess is. We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We are NOT physical beings who have the capacity to have spiritual experiences. This for me is a huge key in understanding what a Goddess is. When we understand that we are eternal spiritual beings that have chosen to come and have a physical experience for an instant in time, this changes how we look at ourselves in these physical bodies. Many women are defining their degree of “Goddess-ness” by how their physical bodies look. And this is being further conditioned by imagery of “the Goddess” on social media as a lithe, tanned, half naked Yoga master, who thrives on 12 ounces of green juice a day! But don’t get me wrong, self care and self expression are very important keys to living as a Goddess, but this imagery is by no means the absolute definition of what a Goddess is.

For me, a Goddess is a woman whose only desire is to live 100% in alignment with their divine blueprint, and pull all of that down into the physical. We are created in the image and likeness of God, and as such it is our divine right to experience ourselves as this in the physical. Each and everyone of us have a unique contract with God, and it is our purpose to share that with the world so that we may create a world of peace and prosperity for all. So how do we begin to connect with our Goddess?

I have come to clearly understand from the training that I have received (and my resultant experiences), that everything good in our lives comes from the heart. The heart is the mechanism through which we process Light (the Light of God), and hence in order to connect with our divine blue print, we can only do this through the heart. Yet most people most of the time are operating from their minds! We try and connect with our Godselves through the mind, but the mind by its very nature cannot process Light. The mind is only a tool for operating in this physical world, but it is not the key to understanding Who We Are. Why I am so consciously making this point is that much of what we see in the world today as “The Goddess”, is generated by the egoic mind in a quest to make people feel better about themselves. There is no true and authentic connection with the Divine, and certainly no degree of embodiment of our true nature as God/Goddess.

And this is the reason why I have created “The Goddess Package”. Every single woman on this planet brought with her a unique essence, and it is my desire to assist as many woman as I can to uncover what theirs is. We are all part of a great whole – a rich tapestry – and it is our duty to share this unique essence with the world so that we can literally create Heaven on Earth. You are so perfect, beautiful and unique, and most importantly you have everything you need inside of you to discover your own Goddess. My role is to remove the blockages that have prevented you from connecting with your divine blueprint, and using my unique gifts, to help you express your unique beauty and divinity in this world! We are so much more than we have been taught that we are, isn’t it time you stepped into your true, authentic Goddess self?