Ah, COVID-19; how different the world was before we met you! All those hopes and dreams you have quashed: the bride-to-be left standing at no altar, two lovers that were whiling away the days until they could reunite in each other’s embrace, and the child that was going to finally meet their hero when she came to town. And this pales in comparison when we begin see the true cost of your merciless rampage. Tens of thousands of loved ones buried with nothing more than a handful of relatives to honour and remember the life that was. And there will certainly be more to come. But that is only the beginning; for your true cost is yet to be felt or comprehended, as the world is rapidly tipping over the edge into the worst financial crisis in living memory. Many will lose their jobs, their homes and their dignity. And on top it all, we are forced to deal with all this whilst under house arrest. And this will not be over in days or weeks, this will continue for months, perhaps even longer. Never before have we had to contract so tightly – our budgets, our plans, our movements. Our economies are rapidly contracting too. Why oh why are we being tested so? 

  The purpose of this piece is not to try and posit or surmise who or what is behind this evil disease, for I am certain that that rabbit hole has no end. And truthfully, what does it serve? As I have expanded my perspective on Who I Am, so too has my perspective shifted on the nature of good and evil in this world. To use the analogy of your house (which we are all becoming intimately acquainted with): if you lived your entire life in your bedroom and only had awareness of your bedroom, would you not think the whole world is your bedroom? And in truth it is to you in that moment. Then you find a door and you walk into your hallway, and your perspective shifts. Then you find a living room, a kitchen, a scullery and soon you begin to discover this world – no this universe – beyond the realm of your previous reality. This is the exact same as our progression to knowing ourselves as Who We Are. It is a never-ending unfolding of wonder and expansion, that intrinsically results in a shift in perspective, until that perspective is engulfed by a greater and more expanded version of itself. With this in mind, how could we possibly begin to follow the rabbit hole as it jumps through portals and dimensions between worlds, galaxies, universes and multi-verses?! The human mind cannot comprehend the enormity of Who We Are, yet all of these aspects are influencing and acting upon us all of the time. So no, it does not serve to try and understand things that we are incapable of seeing the whole perspective on. So then, what does serve us in relation to COVID-19?

As I have meditated upon and observed the world through this process, it has become crystal clear to me that we have been presented with a grand opportunity here. Never before have we been forced to introspect to the degree that we have now, and this is a good thing! The world AS WE KNOW IT has ended. It is time to accept that and make peace with that. And whatever the agenda is behind what is going on right now – and I have no doubt there is one – we HAVE TO take stock of our lives and SEE what needs to be seen. Most of us have been operating on nothing more than fumes, lamenting every new day for the hardships it will bring, hustling, pushing, racing to some imagined end that will eventually result in happiness. Yet did it come? Did that happiness come from all that effort? No, because happiness is an emotion that lasts 15 minutes and will inevitably be replaced by another emotion. And happiness most always comes from some external source. But now – now dear brothers and sisters – we are being forced to go within because there is nowhere we have to go. There is nowhere else we can go! I have no doubt this will be very very very difficult and challenging for most people, and it will most certainly not be a comfortable process. And here we thought the virus was the tough part?! Go with it. Let it all out.

You see, and this is of course my perspective on this, we have been presented with a grand opportunity here to re-create ourselves – and by extension – re-create the world in which we live – if we so choose. When we look at ourselves and the lives we have created earnestly and deeply, we will inevitably recognise things that don’t truly serve us. But because we don’t afford ourselves the time to shift and transmute them, we just keep amplifying and perpetuating them. And when all of us are doing this collectively, the world becomes the reflection of those creations. So recognising this, is it such a bad thing that the world as it was, is no longer? It is my deepest desire that we all recognise this opportunity and use it to consciously create a new and better world than we had before. Yes, there were many beautiful and positive things in this world, but it was largely built upon greed, deception, separation and lack. “But Matt, come on, it is not that bad/this disease is a hoax/lockdown will be over in 18 days and then everything will return to normal.” I recognise that I am writing this piece ahead of its time, and I recognise that I may be wrong and this turns out differently.

 From my perspective as I sit here today, things are going to get a lot worse before they get better. As with any form of healing, all that painful and toxic gunk has to come up and out before we can start to heal. This is not comfortable. But we have to recognise that we as individuals and as a collective species, have created a lot evil in this world. We have caused destruction and we have caused pain. For this there is a price, and for this we must repent. And I am not talking here of dogmatic view of repentance, I am talking about a sincere recognition of who and what we have wronged, and then taking the amending action to rectify that. We cannot allow all the old behaviours, habits and beliefs to be transplanted into this new world. And in order to do this, we need to expand into ourselves. All the answers you seek are within you, but what does that actually mean? It means you have to push beyond all your limitations and beliefs and step through the door into the hallway of your spirit, so that you can begin to shift your perspective beyond the human one. It means that all the old patterns and programs that “served” you in the old world, will need to be upgraded so that they can truly serve you in a new (and hopefully upgraded) world. It also means that you have to do the work of going within to heal all those aspects of yourself that are preventing you from experiencing your divinity. This is your birth right. I also want to state that everything I write here I write for me – I have to go through the same process. I have been blessed that I have had access to very powerful and ancient healing modalities to help me with this, but just this morning I went and sat in meditation under a tree and something was revealed to me that was fundamental to my healing. We are all in this together (as this virus has taught us), and it is only together that we shall rise.  

 I give you my word, brothers and sisters, that I will do everything in my power and use every tool at my disposal to fight for a new and better world. I challenge you to do the same; and it starts by going within. Expansion through contraction. But hey, this is just my perspective.

I love you. See you on the other side.