It is with a great sense of Joy that I write this blog. Firstly, it is to reveal the name change of our business from Shambhala Lifestyle to Deus Homine, and secondly, it marks the beginning of a transition in my business career. So what is Deus Homine? The literal translation of the words in Latin is “God Human”, which perfectly encapsulates the ethos of our business. The concept of man being created in the image and likeness of God has formed the basis of many religious traditions since the beginning of time, and Leonardo Davinci’s Vitruvian Man (pictured above), is the perfect representation of the “God Human”. It is a representation of the 5 elements of which we are made: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit, and is expressed within the Divine Proportions (Golden Ratio) representing our divine heritage. So why is the concept of the God Human important enough to name a business after?

Well the reason is it is everything! Candice and I have collectively done an immense amount of “inner work” as well as many years of study and practice in various traditions, the most profound of which has been on the path to Knowing Thyself. And truthfully this is THE Great Work, as we come to this earth to experience ourselves as Who We Are. But if we don’t even know who we are, how can we truly experience the fullness of life on earth, let alone live a life filled with Joy, Peace, Passion, Love, Connection, Flow etc.? And what we have at least discovered along that path to knowing thyself, is that we are God. Not THE God, but certainly created in the image and likeness and therefore it is impossible to be anything other than God! And we each have brought with us an essence and purpose that is so unique to us, and that is what we need to discover and share with the world. This is the great tapestry of life of which we are intimately and inextricably threaded in.

This path however is not easy, nor is it for the faint of heart. You see it forces you to look at aspects of yourself that you really don’t want to look at, and it requires that you walk through doors that you are too afraid to. But you know what lies on the other side? You! Just a grander and more expanded version of yourself. One that has had the courage to look at all aspects of oneself – Good and Bad – and has consciously chosen to drag them out into the light so that they may be transmuted and healed. And the most exciting part? Just when you think you have a handle on the enormity of Who We Are, you realise you have only just scratched the surface! We truly are a race of beings that are so limitless and capable beyond the wildest imaginings of the human mind, that we could literally move mountains with a single thought, let alone create a world of Peace and Harmony if we all just actually chose to. And this is the key to why we created Deus Homine:

My experience on this planet has shown me that all human beings come at life from where they are “at”. And for most of us, where we are “at” is just a collection of mental programmes and patterns that we have acquired over the course of our lives, that are automatically played out by the sub-conscious mind in response to external stimuli. And these programmes are so powerful (and so insidious) that they literally create a framework in which we create our reality, as well as the lens through which we perceive it. Now if these programmes are built on fundamentally flawed belief systems i.e. I am not worthy, then our entire experience is framed in “non worthiness”. The human mind is so powerful, that if left unchecked, it can create much misery and chaos in our lives. And we wonder why anxiety and depression are at pandemic levels?!

So what if we instead created our realities from a foundation of Godliness and sacredness? Of worthiness, love, gratitude and JOY, and all without any limitation? A foundation without guilt or shame. This is the God Human. Can you imagine how different our lives would be and how different the world in which we live would be? Well this is the purpose of Deus Homine. This is the framework through which Cands and I desire to play and express ourselves, and create products and services that help remind our brothers and sisters of Who They Are! It is a journey that requires us to be MORE than we were before, and to continually progress on the path to knowing ourselves, by expressing our divinity and anchoring that in the physical. It is a journey without end, but one that will surely help strengthen our foundation so that we may think, speak and act as God Humans. And this is a journey that we humbly invite you to take with us!

I mentioned at the beginning that this is the start of a transition in my business career, and this is so. Effective 1 February I am starting to taper my involvement in my current cyber security business role, and transition by year end to a full time Deus Homine role. I am most grateful to the rest of the management team in my current business for their support in my new journey, as I have loved what I have been doing for the past 14 years. But the desire to live and work a life of passion could no longer be ignored, and hence Deus Homine was the next great step in my journey! As Pablo Picasso said, “Action is the foundational key to all success.” I have suffered the consequences of in-action over the years (talk is cheap), and hence we have decided to Act on all our greatest desires this year. There are many changes coming, the first of which is an online shop that will contain products that are specifically designed to assist with raising the frequency of your homes, whilst at the same time bringing aspects of the Divine into our everyday living. This is just the beginning, so watch this space!